Firefly is a full service, SEO company that specialise in getting our clients ranked on page-1, long-term. SEO results that generate more traffic, more leads and more customers.






If your website is not visible across major search engine like Google, Yahoo and Bing you have essentially built an online flyer for your existing customers. Websites should be used to generate awareness, leads and new business, and when done right can do exactly that. Employing an agency to do your SEO work for you can be a bit call, which is why we’ve made it easy to partner with Firefly to grow your business. Let us cut through the technical jargon that other marketers try and confuse you with, and break it down with simple easy to follow language and real return on investment (ROI) for your website.

The higher a website ranks in search results, the more traffic and leads you are likely to generate through to your website and online. Did you know you can generate up to 30% of the entire search market if you are ranked in position 1 of Google’s organic results? With some keyword searches pulling in over thousands of impressions per month, a targeted keyword ranked in position 1 can be life-changing for businesses and can literally drive flocks of customers to your door improving your profitability! Our SEO NZ based analytics team are ready to get your business results, no matter where you are in the country and what industry you are in.

Here are some typical steps we follow: We brainstorm with you to understand exactly what product or services you want to focus on and generate internal leads for. We complete a 100 point SEO and website audit. Pre-planning is carried out including keyword research, competitor analysis and search demand. On-page optimisation begins to ensure Google understands what each page of your website is focussing on. Off-page optimisation begins to ensure Google trusts your website and you rank. Monitoring and testing through analytics, web-master tools, third party technology and Firefly.


Writing incredibly engaging content that is informative and easy to follow is key. By focussing on content, not only do you make it easier for potential customers to understand your story, you also make it easier for Google to find you. Target keywords should not be stuffed throughout your content, but rather naturally sprinkled throughout. Content should be unique and not found from other websites. Duplicate content is a big no, no.


White hat SEO (Search-engine-optimisation) is the only option for businesses who really want to rank on Google search results long-term. Businesses who are looking for fast results that are prepared to cut corners are likely to see short-term results followed by massive drops in position due to Google algorithm changes and updates. Some clients even come to Firefly to help fix and mend the damage done by other SEO services companies that have experienced ranking penalties. Some people have no idea they have a manual penalty attached to their website until Firefly begins working on the website. To date – Firefly has not been effected by any change of algorithm by Google which is a testament to our SEO processes following best practices.


Firefly can also offer specific SEO work such as local SEO services pricing which can be a very affordable and cost-effective way of promoting your business. Placing your website on Google maps have your website appear at the top of local searches with a Google Maps business listing. This can link to your Google + page showcasing reviews, open hours and times, and link back to your website.


Content is a great way for building external back links to your website. If you have created new and fresh content with your target audience, your audience will do this job for you. There are of course ways in which companies can earn backlinks through the way of blogging, articles, PR, suppliers and customers, social media etc. Let Firefly guide you through this confusing process, and help your business rank on Google through SEO.


With a local customised strategy for your website heavily focussed around Local suburb based keywords and searches. We will find the highest intent based keywords to focus on, that will yield better results for a local catchment area.

Multi national companies may want to focus New Zealand wide across multiple areas and more competitive keywords. Firefly are specialists in ranking companies over competitive companies with innovative ideas and following best practises where most agencies only cover the bare minimum.

Other services include international SEO for clients who want to rank globally. Custom and tailored SEO packages are created for these clients we work with, where we are generally looking after multiple website and digital assets.

“Find what lights you up, so you can illuminate the world.”


Firefly have offices based in Auckland and Christchurch. Firefly can offer their SEO services New Zealand wide. We also work with clients in Australia. A solid SEO campaign should be part of every businesses strategy if you have a website. You may wonder why your competitors have ranked on page one of Google, or other major search engines, for highly relevant search terms and keywords. They have used SEO and hired a search engine optimisation company to increase website rankings and attract visitors through to their website.

People that are looking for your product or service use search engines to find a reliable supplier. Approx 95% of all online searches in New Zealand are through Google so it’s vital to play by Google’s rules and work with a reputable SEO company that has a track record of performance, keeps up to date with constant changes and iterations to Google’s algorithms, and can take your company to page one. Let Firefly’s expertise and white hat techniques get you the online results your business deserves.



Firefly only follows white-hat techniques, and considerable time and care is taken before we implement to understand what opportunities we have for your business. Once we have analysed and found the keywords that are relevant, and have strong intent to purchase language we then get to work to ensure all steps are taken place. All of our SEO team are analytics qualified and have had years of experience ranking their clients in multiple industries and countries for multiple keywords and websites.


Additional $490+GST applies to all options which includes keyword and website research, competitor analysis, keyword collection and audit. 

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